The My NCBI tool allows you to (1) create your own bibliography and (2) make it public.

To create your bibliography that contains all of your PubMed citations:

  • Search PubMed with your last name and initial (see also tips on searching).
  • On the results page, select the citations (use the check boxes located by the titles) for the papers that you authored.
  • Use the Send to link (located top right above the results) and select My Bibliography.
  • (If you are not logged in to NCBI and/or you do not have a NCBI account you will be prompted to do so.)
  • Progress in My NCBI to Save the records in your Bibliography.

To make your Bibliography public:

  • Access My Bibliography within the My NCBI tool.
  • Navigate to settings and change the settings from Private to Public (there is also a quick located above the citations in My Bibliography that serves the same purpose).
  • (You can also select which citations to make public in My Bibliography. Select the citations you wish to make public using the check-boxes. Then, click Manage citations and select Set to public.)
  • This will generate a link (Direct URL) that you can share with your colleagues or post on a web site.
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