If you have encountered a problem with BLAST+ (stand-alone BLAST ® applications), you may first want to:

If the above does not help, please write to us at: Ideally, we would like to receive detailed information that will allow us to reproduce and investigate the problem. The items that we need are:

1. Summary: a brief, but specific description of the problem (for example, use "blastn crash with outfmt 7" instead of "blastn crashes")

2. Version of BLAST: This can be obtained by running any BLAST+ application with the -version-full argument: 

$ blastn -version-full

blastn: 2.7.0+

 Package: blast 2.7.0, build Sep 12 2017 17:54:09


 Build-Signature:  ICC_1503-ReleaseMT64--x86_64-unknown-linux2.6.32-gnu2.12-coremake11

 Build-Date:  Sep 12 2017 17:54:09


3. Details: Please provide us with steps that we can follow to reproduce the problem, including command line arguments, inputs, and outputs. Attach the files to your message. For large files, direct us to a file hosting service/URL where we can download these.

4. System information:

For UNIX-like operating systems, use the output of the following command:

# For Unix OSs

uname -a

ulimit -a


$ sw_vers # for MacOSX

For Windows operating systems:

  • Access the Start menu (All Programs) by pressing the window key on your keyboard
  • Locate the Run... command (see the image below) 
  • If not already entered, type msinfo32 and press the Enter key.
  • In the resulting window, click File, then Export... 
  • Save the file that contains the operating system information and provide the file to us.  If you need more help, see the Microsoft site that addresses obtaining system information


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