Permission denied” results from a mismatch between the Username (email address) you signed in with and the Username that DOCLINE was expecting.    

Libraries using Social login/OpenID (Google) should:

  1. Find the email address listed as Username on the Permission Denied screen.
  2. Go to (or Google search) then log out of that email account. Delete the account if you no longer need it.
  3. Clear your browser cache and history.
  4. Return to and log in using the correct email address connected with your DOCLINE user account.

"Permission denied" still results despite taking these actions, you have four options:

  • Switch to a different web browser and try logging in again with the connected email address. OR
  • Use your browser in "incognito" or "private" mode and try logging in again with the connected email address. OR
  • Go to and click "Apply Now". Supply the Username (email address) displayed in the error message to request a new DOCLINE user account connected to your library. OR
  • Contact your DOCLINE Coordinator, or create a Help Desk ticket to find out what your existing DOCLINE username is. Use that email address to log back into DOCLINE.

Federal Libraries using Fed PIV Only with CAC or PIV cards should :
1. Log in again, choosing a different certificate ('email' or 'signature' certificate, if known).
2. If still unsuccessful, completely close, then re-launch your browser.
3. Try another certificate, or switch to a different web browser.